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Green Leaf Spa's own line of effective, high quality imported spa products contain anti-oxidants, pure essential oils, natural herbs and botanicals renowned for their effective healing properties. Green Leaf Spa brand products are formulated in the USA and are manufactured by one of the world's largest and most advanced spa product factories.
Green Leaf Spa brand products are made from the highest quality ingredients, yet are attractively priced. A wide range of home care products for the face, body and bath are sold directly through the Green Leaf Spa. Please consult our wellness guide or ask our staff for some effective home care solutions.
Green Leaf can also package these products under your signature brand name and create a ‘private label' or ‘house brand' for your spa or organization. For more information or these products or to inquire about designing your own private label product line, please contact: ‘link to ken / Wellness Products Asia Limited'

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At Oakwood
Oakwood City Residence 3A Floor291 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 24 Rd., Chongnontri, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Bookings : (66-2) 672-0230-1, 672-0196, Fax : (66-2) 672-0228
info@greenleafspa.com , www.greenleafspa.com

At Cascade Club
Cascade Club Level6, The Ascott Bangkok Sathorn 187 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn Bangkok 10120
Bookings : Tel (66 2) 676 6979, (66 2) 676 6969 Ext. 6003, Fax (66 2) 676 6970

yod@cascadeclubandspa.com , www.cascadeclubandspa.com